About Cycling Chef

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I’m a bicycle advocate, foodie, bookworm, locavore and wine swirler in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Our family rides bikes for transportation, recreation, fitness and sport. My five and a half bikes include two road bikes, a mountain bike, a hybrid, my beloved slow bike, a fuchsia Electra Townie 7D I call “Rosewater,” and I’m the stoker on our Co-Motion tandem bike. My oldest son is in graduate school studying molecular genetics, and my youngest is a high schooler, athlete and adventurous eater.

The VeloKitchen is where my husband and I cook our meals from scratch. We focus on eating local, in-season, healthy, GMO-free, cuisines from around the world. We enjoy experimenting with different ingredients and cooking techniques. Blog posts from the VeloKitchen are musings of about 500 words.

Tour de Vine, Willamette Valley, Oregon

In September 2009, we embarked on a “50 Curries Project” where we are cooking our way through Camellia Panjabi’s cookbook 50 Great Curries of India. You might also like to join our fun on Twitter @cycling_chef or by becoming a fan of Cycling Chef on Facebook.

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One Response to About Cycling Chef

  1. Wish you’d blog more–biking and food go together like life and breathing!
    You’re on the list of Washington state bike bloggers at http://bicyclealliance.org/growing-bicycling/resources/bike-blogs-in-washington-state/. We have an RSS feed from @bikeWAblogs to help people find and follow you.

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