Spoonful of Optimism in the VeloKitchen

I have fewer Facebook friends today than I did on election day, but not because I unfriended anyone. I didn’t think I had been overt in my political views in that forum, and, over the past year I read many hateful posts about all the candidates from these (and other) friends, but, mostly, kept my views to myself. I find it sad that so-called tolerant unfriends who say they embrace the diversity of every size and type would be so abrupt as to cut our ties without any discourse.

I was neither stunned nor shocked that Trump won the election. While nearly all of mainstream news was bashing him, they missed hearing the despair of America’s middle, both geographically and economically. The majority of Trump’s voters chose a flawed candidate who acknowledged their concerns, but that does not mean they condone all of his behavior. In the end, Clinton, with her flaws, did not represent them.

I am appalled by the anti-Trump ranting and drama, especially when accompanied by violence. In a civilized country, a peaceful political transfer of power includes not only that of one leader to another but also a respectful transition by its citizens. I believe in the goodness of people and am optimistic that once the hotheads on both sides calm down and start listening to each other, we will move forward as a united nation, respectful and appreciative of our differences. I am optimistic and hopeful that President Trump, drawing from his business persona, will be a strong leader and bring our culturally rich and diverse nation together. I may sound Pollyanna-ish, but first, we must believe to make it happen.


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