Flying Strawberries and Greek Yogurt in the VeloKitchen

We are ten weeks into 2014. How are you doing on your New Year’s resolution? In recent years I’ve tried to set low friction, but meaningful resolutions. If I meet my goal, I feel successful, and if I don’t, no remorse. A few of my recent yearly resolutions have been making friends with my mandolin slicer,  bringing reusable bags with me to the shops, reducing plastic in my kitchen and eating with the seasons.

For my 2014 resolution, I chose a page from the Nelson Mandela handbook: “Tread softly. Breathe peacefully. Laugh hysterically.” I like how I can apply my interpretation to each of these simple phrases and how these are evolving as the year progresses.

Tread softly. For me, this not only applies to the obvious, my interactions with the people around me, (the golden rule et al.), this simple phrase also means how I impact the environment. Actions I can work into my daily routines include bringing my bags to the market, substituting bike rides for car tansportation (especially in the summer when the weather is more favorable) and recycling more household and business waste. With a committed family effort, we’ve been able to reduce our household trash pickup to every other week.

Breathe peacefully. Once daylight savings time ends in Seattle, afternoons become short, and the weather turns cold and soggy. I ride my bike for exercise a lot less (or none between November and February). In addition to dog walks, this winter I am warming my body at hot yoga and Pilates classes to reinstate my long lost core for stronger, longer bike rides in the summer. I renamed our Monday fusion practice with weights “Yoga Boot Camp.” Our instructor is called Peach, an unlikely name after you experience the intensity of her workouts.

Laugh hysterically. My husband and son make me laugh every day, a gift I truly appreciate. The detail I am working on this year is laughing more at myself, especially in the kitchen. I’ve had a few cooking mishaps including one with a blender that makes the dog cower every time I plug in the Vitamix. Instead of being hard on myself for a careless error (or, in that situation, a distracted one), we all laugh together and reassure our dog he will be safe from flying strawberries and Greek yogurt.

Daylight savings time begins tomorrow at 2 a.m. Here’s to treading meaningfully on the pedals, breathing hard up the hills and laughing hysterically because I made it to the top of the hill even when I get dropped by my peleton.



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