Death Row Meal in the VeloKitchen

The D.C. sniper’s execution date is set for Nov. 10th, but I’m not here to debate the death penalty. Nor is this post meant to be morbid or macabre even though it’s published on Halloween. However, the topic brings up the question, if you were able, “What would you choose for your last dinner?”

death row mealMy husband has a menu he has long called his “Death Row Meal.” (He’s not planning anything sinister. Neither am I). His ultimate comfort food meal is braised lamb chops with onions and gravy served with boiled potatoes, green peas and cauliflower with English cheddar cheese sauce. This supper is a straightforward and hearty dish he insists on preparing whenever I bring home lamb chops. If I were choosing my last meal, I think I might like someone else to cook my dinner. In my research for this post, it seems that inmates on death row choose comfort foods or foods unique to their culture rather than meals that are exotic or rare. Some do not make a final meal request. Reportedly the most requested meal by death row inmates is a cheeseburger and fries.

Last year, at a wine dinner with our foodie friends, we went around the table and asked each person to describe their Death Row Meal. Because we are cooking and food enthusiasts, our conversation took a couple of hours and we ended up going around and around the table describing our “last” entree, appetizer, dessert and salad. The wide variety of choices, some simple and others rare, made for fascinating debate and quite a few laughs.

Feel free to leave a comment below of your Death Row meal!

Originally published on October 31, 2009.

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2 Responses to Death Row Meal in the VeloKitchen

  1. I’d love to have my typical Sunday afternoon lunch for a last meal: Grilled cheese with a light coat of pizza sauce, some cooked frozen peas, and full glass of Chocolate milk!

    I’m a simple guy with simple tastes. No need to complicate my last day alive.

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