Larb ตุรกี in the VeloKitchen

My life has been busy since BoyMan1 is heading off to his university soon and I have been making preparationg for Boy2 to enter first grade. That’s not the entire story as the weather here has been ideal for bike riding and we have been riding many miles on our tandem and solo bikes. We are on the back side of the summer solstice which means the days are getting shorter and I feel desperate to make the most of summer weather.

LarbLarb ตุรกี (which I hope is the correct translation for “turkey” in Thai) is a spicy meat salad and a colorful dish. This was my first attempt to prepare this dish at home. In restaurants I have had Larb ไก่ทอด (Larb Gai or Larb Chicken). The recipe I used from was surprisingly simple, quick and delicious. Click here for the recipe link: Larb Chicken Salad

Ground chicken is not so easy to come by at my local market, so I substituted ground turkey and when I began cooking I discovered I only had one lime, so I substituted lemons for the rest of the juice. The fragrances of chopped mint, lemon grass and cilantro combined with green onions and shallots made for a tasty summer meal. I made two versions, a spicy one with chilis for adults and I left out the chilis for Scallywag’s.

In Thai restaurants Larb is served with lettuce leaves to make a wrap so you can eat it with your fingers. The iceburg lettuce I used fell apart, so the next time I will look for a heartier leaf, perhaps a cabbage leaf or Boston Bibb which has more substance.

Let me know if you prepare this dish at home and how you enhanced the recipe for your family!

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One Response to Larb ตุรกี in the VeloKitchen

  1. Bryony says:

    I used Little Gem lettuce for our Larb the other day. Plus I didn’t use any lemongrass as my jar had gone off when I opened it. No fresh available when I was shopping for ingredients…

    Iain’s favourite flavours for stir-fry or marinade are chilli, lime, fish sauce & sugar – he’s such an expert that he walked in while I was cooking, sniffed the air and said ‘there’s no sugar in that’ – he was right, I hadn’t yet added any. I let him taste the final result before serving up in case he needed to tweak it, but happily he approved!

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