Havana in the VeloKitchen

We are having an unusual heat wave in Seattle rather resembling the Caribbean than the Pacific Northwest. While riding my bike (just 10 miles today) I thought about tropical recipes, did a mini-inventory of my kitchen and settled on a bag of limes. Fresh lime and orange juice, cumin, garlic and onions became a marinade for Chicken Mojito. Rice, spiced black beans, fried ripe bananas, (plantains are hard to come by up here), a crisp white wine and Cuban music will make up tonight’s summer meal. Click here for the basic recipe I use from epicurious.com Chicken Mojito

My favorite Cuban song is “Habana del Este” sung by the Afro-Cuban All Stars. The slow, soulful song begins with a long instrumental section featuring a trumpet and then breaks into its only lyrics:

“Allá en la Habana del Este, gozando el puro y amor, tengo una casita linda, y allá está mi corazón.”

Here is my translation, although the lyrics sound are much more poetic in Spanish:

“In East Havana, enjoying a cigar and love, I have a pretty little house, and my heart is there.”

These lyrics beckon the joys of a summer evening and a simple life. Do you agree?

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6 Responses to Havana in the VeloKitchen

  1. Tammy Bell says:

    I have a bag of limes too. Trying this tonight.

  2. bryonye says:

    Makes me want to listen to Tropical Brainstorm by Kirsty MacColl!

  3. John says:

    If I didn’t have a mess ‘o ribs on the grill, I’d be at your house!

  4. Christine says:

    Sounds like a lovely cool meal on a hot day. With all the heat we have been having I have been making things like black bean nachos, cucumber salads, pasta salad with portebello mushrooms and summer squash, and lots of fresh melon from the farmer’s market. Stay cool!

  5. Leslie Foley says:

    Hey,velo-chef! I an see I will be visiting your blog at regular intervals. And I agree about the lyrics being much nicer in Spanish.


  6. Lorette says:

    Yum! Your Chicken Mojitos sound wonderful, as does the Cuban music. A good cigar in the moonlight after dinner would complete the picture!

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